First character superscript

Routine #13 from our series of text subroutines to use in EXCEL to change the first character in the selected cells to superscript.

Code snippet below:

Sub first_character_superscript() 'first char superscript
Dim selected_range As Range
Set selected_range = Range(Selection.Address)

Dim old_value As String
For Each cell In selected_range
 old_value = vbNullString: old_value = cell.Value
 With cell
 .Characters(Start:=1, Length:=1).Font.Superscript = True
 .Characters(Start:=2, Length:=(Len(.Value) - 1)).Font.Superscript = False
 End With
End Sub

You can see how to add this to Excel in order to use the code in this thread UPPER CASE

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